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Li Ka Shing and Little Ka Shing

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You may wonder how Li Ka Shing, Asia’s richest man, is related to adoption. To me, he plays a HUGE role in how C became part of our family.

One day, I was daydreaming in a bus when it passed by the Li Ka Shing library at Singapore Management University. Now this is one of my regular bus routes, and this library has been around for a while, so I’ve seen this building many, many times. However, on that day, I thought to myself, “Wah, this Li Ka Shing quite a generous dude hor?”

At that time, we’d just had our home study report approved and our home study officer had suggested we start calling a few adoption agencies to put ourselves on a waiting list. The day after my Li Ka Shing library pondering, I called an adoption agency and was greeting by a guy with a loud, salesman type voice who talked about babies like property and how we had to bring our chequebook if we wanted to “view”. Immediately, I was put off and felt like hanging up until:

Adoption agency salesman: Eh, you wan girl issit? Girl waiting list very long leh. 

Me: My husband and I are ok with boy or girl. 

Adoption agency salesman: Liddat ah. So you also ok boy ah? I just got one baby boy come in last week. You sure like wan! Fair fair plump plump and look like Li Ka Shing

I  froze when I heard that.

Me: Sorry, who does he look like again?

Adoption agency salesman: Li Ka Shing lah! You know the Hong Kong tycoon? Yah this boy got cute old man face, prosperous look! You must come see! 

And so I arranged to “view” Little Ka Shing the day after, and though my husband was appalled at how we were expected to bring a chequebook, I told him that I had a “very strong feeling” that we were meant to meet this baby boy.

And that was how we met C. When we first saw him, he was watching a Hong Kong drama serial from his rocking chair. The foster nanny was already calling him “Jia Cheng” (the hanyu pinyin name of Ka Shing) and that eventually became his official Chinese name as well.

As a Christian, I believe that our adoption journey was a divine blessing. I just find it incredibly hilarious how God’s sign came through a balding Hong Kong magnate.

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