The Adventures of Squirky the Alien

A Children's Book Series on Adoption

At the End of the Day

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sleepAs a baby, C. used to be an angel when it came to sleep. We’d pop him to bed around 7pm each night. He’d make a few grunts, but would soon be fast asleep and wake up at 7am the next day (he’d sleep through the night milk feeds as well).

These days, he articulates plenty of demands and rituals which involves praying, telling stories, singing songs, saying goodnight to all his toys, being briefed about his programme the next day, petting his tummy, and saying goodnight repeatedly. It actually takes a good hour to put him to bed on some days.

One particular night, my husband tried to shorten the process by bypassing the tummy-petting and tucking the Squirky toy into bed with C. “Squirky is like a Daddymummy representative when we’re not with you,” he said. (Yeah, he’s one of those adults who talks in an adult way to kids.)

C. nodded and snuggled up to the stuff toy. “Squirky my best friend.” We were able to leave his bedroom without any toddler shrieks.

I started thinking about the friends he interacts with in school, about how the teachers say he is popular but likes to lead his classmates to do naughty things (heh), and started thinking about his future. I pray and hope with all my heart that he will find a few real-life friends of Squirky material to accompany him through this crazy, complicated life.

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