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Review: We Belong Together by Todd Parr

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My family loves this book. C. has already identified the yellow boy on the cover as himself. His favourite part of the book is where there’s a boy and father baking a birthday cake together so he can sing the birthday song. He calls it “daddy cooking candles”.

I like how the characters are all of different colours, including purple, green and red.

I love the first line: “We belong together because you needed a home…and I had one to share.”

There are different types of families shown, including a family adopting pets, single parent families, one with two ladies and a child, and one with two men and a child. My husband and I did not see any issue with that. I have a friend whose older sister adopted a child as a single parent, and she is helping her sister raise this child together. Also, Simba in The Lion King was raised by a male meercat and warhog, wasn’t he? I believe it’s important C. develops an awareness that such family configurations exist. He zoomed into this couple and identified this as “daddy and mummy”. He was looking for characters to identify with in the book, and I imagine other young readers would probably be doing the same.


This book is not listed in the library, and it probably will never be given how Todd Parr’s The Family Book was removed from NLB. However, it can be purchased from Book Depository.

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