The Adventures of Squirky the Alien

A Children's Book Series on Adoption

Squirky #1 Book Launch @ Woods in the Books

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The book launch last Saturday went by in a blur. I’d only slept at 4am that morning (clearing work, preparing for the launch, and then Little C. wakes up at 2.30am wanting to discuss nursery rhymes), had a little adult workshop to run at 9am and then by afternoon I seriously felt like the world looked too bright – but that’s when the book launch started.

I’m trying to write down as much as I remember about the event. Selective snippets yes, but stuff I’d want to not forget. Little C. for one, felt very happy about the “Squirky party” and being able to make new friends.


Ah, that’s me attempting storytelling. There’s little C. walking around pretty much like he owned the bookshop, and getting in the way of the projector at times causing the other kids to scream “Move away!” There’s little Hannah on the left who was pointing out the words I was supposed to be reading from the book. Given my state of mind then, that was a lifesaver. Little C. felt competitive about that and came in front to jab my book around. Also, there were some kids who were asking a lot of questions and giving spoilers away throughout the reading. David the illustrator says that is pretty much what happens at any children’s book reading (lesson learned).


My husband Darren told me things got pretty crazy crowded during the middle of the event, especially at the craft corner. I was largely unaware of this  because my brain only allowed me just enough mental capacity not to lose my black autograph marker. I am so thankful for friends who helped out in this aspect. 

There were also plenty of cuties who posed with the adorable Squirky standee that David made. 


At the end of the day, this was really for the kids. And I’m glad they had fun 🙂 

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