The Adventures of Squirky the Alien

A Children's Book Series on Adoption

The Other Parenting Project

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2015 started out with some not-so-good news in the health department. As someone who’s been sickly from young, it’s not something I find surprising. But this time, the news rattled me more than usual. In an ideal world, it would be wonderful if C could have our company till he’s a full-fledged grown-up. However, with all the health scares I’ve been getting in recent years, I really, really need to work on a healthier lifestyle for the long-term.

With the parental responsibilities come a lack of sleep, little time to exercise or meditate, and eating takeout food because I often feel too lazy to cook my own food after cooking food for C. But while these circumstances are understandable to some extent, they’re also cop-out excuses. I could have easily used the time on social media and TV shows to sleep more or make a salad.

I also know I’m a lot more impatient and cranky when I’m tired or sick. So this year, my other parenting project besides working on the Squirky series would be to be a lot more disciplined healthwise . When I’m healthier and stronger, I’m also a better, happier parent (and person overall). It’ll hopefully also set a good example for C as well.

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