The Adventures of Squirky the Alien

A Children's Book Series on Adoption

Dear Readers

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Most of the Squirky readers are too young to ping me on FB or drop me an e-mail. Most of the feedback I get is filtered through their parents, who are usually my friends or friends of friends or people I’ve met at events.

As such, I really do wonder what really goes on in the heads of kids who read Squirky books.


This is my cousin’s son D. For a while, I was sent videos of him rattling off the titles of the books. It’s really cute to watch. It is my not-so-secret wish that lil’ D and all the young readers will always find a friend in Squirky.


This is a drawing by Big E (what his mummy calls him). He has created a little art collection of Squirky portraits and I really do wonder what he thinks of Squirky as a muse. One of his drawings even depicted Squirky as a grown-up with a wife and children. That’s really a stretch of imagination and it’s awesome.

As a painfully shy kid, book characters often provided the most comfortable company for me. Since I’ve started writing this book series, I feel like it’s almost a responsibility to write Squirky as someone kids would enjoy hanging out with – fun, friendly and accepting.

In real life, I usually take a while to warm up to people. But it is through writing that I get out of my shell and try to be fun, friendly and accepting as well.

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