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Olivia Talks About Adoption

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“Hi, my name is Olivia and I am 12 years old. I was from Indonesia, Jakarta. My parents adopted me when I was two and a half months old. I am just a regular kid but just came to my family in a different way. I am very open about my adoption, so I don’t have any problems sharing about it.”


Olivia (top) with her family

Hi Olivia, can you tell us how has your understanding of adoption has changed over the years?
When I was younger, I thought that I was put up for adoption because my birth family didn’t want me. However, now, I understand that I was put up for adoption as my birth family wanted me to have a better life.

What made you decided to help your mum at the adoption disclosure workshops over?
I tag along with my mother for these talks when I’m free. I like to experience talking to a crowd about adoption. Even though my mom is the main speaker, I feel that what she shares may not be enough information. The parents there might also want to know from a child’s perspective what disclosure is like. Thus, they get a bonus when I turn up!

What has your experience like being in these disclosure workshops?
I find it quite fun observing people reacting to what I say. Some are quite shocked when I share how annoying I can be to my mum! Others are interested to know how I did school assignments like drawing a family tree or answering science questions about genes.

What has your take been on finding out more about your birth parents?
I am going to find them when I turn 18. It’s a promise from my parents.

What are some things you wonder about your birth parents?
I wonder about how they are doing. I also wonder if they still remember me, and if so do they miss me?

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